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MLB broadcaster Casey Stern accuses Turner of discrimination

MLB broadcaster Casey Stern claims to have quit his job to save children from alleged abuse and has sought accommodation during a pandemic, alleging new discrimination charges.

Stern, 42, has been working for Turner Sports and its parent company WarnerMedia LLC since 2014, fixing coverage of MLB postseason, NCAA tournaments, NBA drafts and all-star games.

However, SiriusXM’s MLB Network host of Drivetime’s national talk radio show, Stern, has dealt with three young children allegedly abused by his ex-wife Shannon Stern and her boyfriend for the past two years. It is said that he was alienated. Alexander Soriano, a alleged discrimination filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Atlanta, alleges.

For example, in August 2019, when he arranged for another host cover for 30 minutes to handle childcare responsibilities, Turner’s talent director was “angry,” saying, “Many of us are nannies. I have a problem with it, “he said secretly. Insist.

Then, in January 2020, when Stern told Turner he didn’t want to host a new reality show due to time constraints, NBA TV’s executive producer told Stern: “How often do you use this family situation as an excuse?” Billing.

In February 2020, Stern also had to cancel going to Chicago to cover the NBA All-Star Game. According to an EEOC treatise.

Shannon and Soriano were actually arrested on February 28 and charged with child atrocities and reckless dangerous crimes.

According to the arrest warrant, they beat one and let one drink their urine from the floor from December 2018 to September 2019 for abusing children who were under four at the time. I was accused.

In August, when two people tested positive for COVID-19 in the building where Stern was working, he had asthma in Turner and had to keep his children healthy for at least two weeks. He said he couldn’t enter the room. The EEOC document claims.

As a result of all this, the accusation claims that Stern has begun to see him deprived of responsibility for his work.

For example, TNT’s Inside the NBA on Tuesday night passed to another organizer in 2019, despite the prior guarantee that only Stern and Turner’s other star broadcaster, Ernie Johnson, would host the show. it was done.

In January 2020, Stern was removed from the March Madness coverage and was given that position to unqualified persons, the EEOC treatise claims.

The EEOC document claims that Stern also found that he was three seasons ago and did not cover the February 2020 NBA trading deadline.

During the pandemic, he was accused of being given only one or two hosting shifts a week and only one shift in 23 days in May and June.

Finally, on September 11, the accusation alleged that Stern was removed from MLB’s post-season coverage, giving him no further liability and being informed that the contract would not be renewed.

But Turner also told him he wouldn’t be able to find a job elsewhere until August 2021, when the contract expires, Charge Paper claims.

Stern’s “Career progress was reversed when the company learned about his family
Since Mr. Stern is a man, he started to discriminate with problems, “the EEOC treatise claims. “Sure, the company, as a man, believed that Mr. Stern should conquer his family and always have a duty to put work first.”

EEOC accusations include other employees, including verbal abuse, racism, misogyny, intimidation, and improper handling of crew members during the COVID-19 production suspension by WarnerMedia, especially at Ellen DeGeneres Show and TMZ. He emphasizes that he faced the accusations of the members.

Stern’s lawyer, Michael J. Willemin, said in a statement, “The company’s treatment of Stern is immeasurable, but there are multiple reports of exorbitant behavior over the last 12 months in WarnerMedia. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising given that. ”

“The company remains blind and refuses to accept accountability and liability for illegal activities,” Willemin said.

WarnerMedia, Turner, Shannon and Soriano’s criminal defense lawyers all did not immediately return their request for comment.

MLB broadcaster Casey Stern accuses Turner of discrimination

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