Nurse faints after vaccination with COVID

A nurse fainted at a press conference Thursday after receiving a coronavirus vaccine at a Tennessee hospital.

According to a video posted by Chattanooga ABC-affiliated WTVC-9, nurse manager Tiffany Dover was telling the media about the city’s first vaccination of front-line health care workers when she fell.

Approximately 17 minutes after receiving the Pfizer vaccine against COVD-19, she began to feel dizzy, apologized, fell, and was caught by a doctor standing behind her.

“Suddenly it hit me. I could feel it happening. I felt a little disorientation, but now I’m fine and my arm pain is gone,” Dover said. It was.

She recovered quickly and talked to WTVC again. She said she was often fainting when she felt pain.

“It’s common to me,” she said.

The WTTC reported that a CHI Memorial doctor said the fainting episode had nothing to do with the Pfizer vaccine.

The CDC also states that syncope is not a rare reaction to vaccinations of all kinds, but most commonly the result of anxiety and pain.

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Nurse faints after vaccination with COVID

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